High Noon Game Farm

High Noon Game Farm
........... A High Noon stag stands silhouetted under a full moon as another day begins on High Noon Game Farm ........
Hello. My name is Gary Cooper. I am the owner/operator of High Noon Game Farm. My farm is located in the beautiful Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. I have had chickens for as long as I can remember and have been involved with gamefowl since the early 1970's. I currently keep and breed two different families of gamefowl. I have a family of Leipers that are descended from Harold Brown & Jimmy East bloodlines and a family of green leg reds that I call High Noon Hatch.

I am the originator of the High Noon Hatch. The High Noons are a blended family of green leg reds that trace back to some of the finest gamefowl bloodlines ever bred in America. As far as the genetics and breeding history of the High Noons is concerned, they are basically a blend of old line Billy Ruble (Blueface) and Ibele Brothers (Doc Robinson Hatch) breeding lines. They also carry a small dose of Frank Shy's Old Bones (Narragansett) breeding thru a single Narragansett brood hen and a small dose of John Lorey's ( Billy Ruble bloodlines) thru a single Lorey brood cock.

My High Noon Hatch produce both light phase and dark phase females. The dark phase color pattern is a recessive sex linked trait that traces back to the Lorey cock. The Ibele hens, the Narragansett hen and the Ruble hens were all light phase females. My High Noon Hatch males all come typically dark red with green shanks and pea combs. The family does produce an occasional straight comb. The straight comb is a latent recessive trait that traces back to the Narragansett hen.

As with any family of gamefowl, what they used to be and where they came from is not nearly as important as what they are and what they can do today. My High Noons and Leipers have always been bred to compete at the highest levels of competition and they have consistently proven themselves winners wherever shown in both national and international shows. Of course now with the erosion and loss of our personal rights and freedoms in America and the new federal laws that supercede and violate our state's rights, the High Noons and Leipers cannot be sold for any activities or purposes that might be considered illegal. For this reason, I only sell my High Noons and Leipers for use as lawn ornaments, alarm clocks and for the wonderfully tasty eggs the hens lay. Whatever else a buyer might decide to use them for is none of my business.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog page. If you have any questions about my fowl, the best way to contact me is by email. My email address is: gcoop1950@hotmail.com

Gary Cooper (High Noon)

High Noon Hatch Brood Cock

An old line Billy Ruble Blueface stag - one of the foundation sires of the High Noon Hatch

Billy Ruble & Eddie Araneta in Philippines
Photo of Billy Ruble and Eddie Araneta in the Philippines. The old line Rubles were some of the gamest and hardest trying chickens ever bred.

Frank Shy

Frank Shy (Narragansett)
This is a photo of Frank Shy of "Narragansett" fame. In my opinion, Frank was the greatest chicken man I have ever known. As a breeder of Gamecocks, Frank was on a level all his own. As a person, Frank was a gentleman of the highest order. If you don't already have them, I would highly recommend that you buy and read the several publications that Frank wrote and published. My favorite is titled: "The Best of Narragansett 1985"

This is a photo of me in 1961 at age 11 posing with my very first GQF mini-incubator

This is a photo of me in 1961 at age 11 posing with my very first GQF mini-incubator
Hard to believe, but GQF still manufactures these little incubators. GQF also makes a very nice cabinet style incubator. I highly recommend the GQF 1502 model incubator

This is a 1969 photo of me as a 19 year-old soldier in Vietnam
This is a photo of me as a 19 year old soldier in Vietnam circa 1969

Me holding High Noon Hatch cock

Me holding High Noon Hatch cock
This is a photo of me holding a High Noon Hatch brood cock circa 1995

This is a 2009 photo of my beautiful wife and me

This beautiful lady and I have been married for 44 years. We raised 5 wonderful children together. Every man should be so lucky to be married to such a terrific woman. * I should add that she handles all the wrapping, packing and shipping of the hatching eggs. Like I said, she is one terrific lady!

A High Noon stag looks out at the world from his holding pen in early spring

High Noon Hatch cock

High Noon Hatch cock

High Noon Hatch dark phase pullet

High Noon Hatch dark phase pullet
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-Muhammad Ali

On Breeding

Selection is the beginning and the end for all improvement made in breeding . . .

- plant breeder Luther Burbank

Good old Luther got it right of course ... Selection really is the beginning and the end for all improvement made in breeding. Be it the breeding of plum trees, racehorses or gamecocks , the whole idea behind any breeding program is to produce a new generation of individuals that are as good or better than the parent stock.

In the breeding of gamefowl, the selection process involves nothing more than finding genetically superior males and females and in mating these individuals together in the most advantageous combinations. In other words, it's all about finding the right cock or stag and in pairing him together with the right hen or pullet.

Here at High Noon Game Farm, my mission and focus has always been to produce "World Class" competitors. My brood cocks are selected on the basis of winning performance first and everything else next. Only the very best show cocks or stags are allowed an opportunity to make their mark in my brood pens. Life is too short and chicken feed is too expensive to fool around with second rate chickens. Doesn't matter how pretty they are or how well balanced and put together they are or how anything else they might be. Winning is all about performance and performance is the only thing that really matters in the world of Gamecocks!

My selection of brood hens and pullets is based primarily upon the performance of her collateral male relatives, especially her male siblings or half siblings. In other words, I leave it up to a pullet's brothers and half brothers to determine if she is a candidate to get a chance in the brood pen. It isn't enough that a hen or pullet is the prettiest female on the yard. If her brothers and half brothers aren't good enough to earn a tryout in the brood pen, why should I be willing to take a chance on her? The whole purpose of selection is to maintain or to hopefully improve the winning performance of a family from one generation to the next. It's hard enough to move forward in breeding even when we breed from only our best individuals. Why should we be willing to breed from individuals that are anything less?

I don't breed hundreds of chickens every year or keep 200 or 300 roosters on my place like some people do. Gamefowl is my hobby - it's not my job or a business. I am 64 years old and I don't have any hired hands to help with the feeding, watering and all those other things that a chicken man has to do. My chickens give me great pleasure and satisfaction and I enjoy taking care of them. I look forward to waking up every day to the sound of crowing roosters and going out to the chicken yard. If taking care of the chickens ever gets to where it seems more like work than pleasure, that's the day I'll hang it up and take up a different hobby.

For those of you who might be looking to add some quality brood fowl to your breeding pens this year, I invite you to take a look at my High Noon Hatch and Leipers. Even just a little bit of these bloodlines in your brood pens can make a BIG difference!

Hatching Eggs, Chicks and Adult Fowl

I believe that hatching eggs and/or day old chicks is the most economical way for a person to acquire new Gamefowl bloodlines. The cost of a dozen hatching eggs or the price for a dozen chicks is far less than the cost of an adult breeding pair or trio.

I highly recommend the use of foster hens for the incubation and/or raising of chicks. Hens are the best incubators and brooders in the world and foster hens will readily accept both eggs and chicks provided your timing is right. The use of foster setting hens will usually give you a better hatch than most incubators. Foster hens will also save you a lot of time and extra effort in caring for the chicks. I have given foster hens as many as 30 chicks and the hens do a much better job of raising them than I could.

Prices for eggs, chicks and adult fowl are listed below:

Hatching Eggs: Offered from March until end of season . . . Your choice of High Noon Hatch, Leiper or some of each - $70 per dozen with free USPS priority mail shipping to any mailing address in the continental USA. Sorry, but I am unable to ship hatching eggs to Canada, Guam, Mexico or the Philippines due to customs restrictions/ regulations.

Day Old Chicks: Offered from March through May . . . Your choice of High Noon Hatch , Leiper or some of each - $265 for one dozen (12) chicks. Price includes bio approved shipping box and USPS express mail shipping to any mailing address in the continental USA.

There is a minimum order of 12 chicks to insure the chicks do not become chilled during transit. I will include a few extra chicks to ensure that the buyer receives at least 12 live healthy chicks. Live delivery is guaranteed. I do not sex the chicks. Buyer should receive an approximate equal number of male and female chicks. When ordering High Noon chicks, buyer will receive an approximate equal number of light phase and dark phase chicks unless a preference of color phase is requested when ordering. Chicks are sold on a first order - first shipped basis. Contact me by email for next available shipping date. My email address is: gcoop1950@hotmail.com

Stags & Pullets: Stags and pullets are priced according to age ... All chicks and older fowl are shipped via usps express mail. Shipping prices vary according to postal zip code.

Brood Cocks & Hens: email for prices and availability ... gcoop1950@hotmail.com

* I am not able to ship fowl younger than 5 months old outside the continental USA. I can ship older fowl (over 5 months old) to Hawaii, Mexico, Guam and the Philippines only if buyer is willing to make shipping arrangements via a USA based broker at buyers expense.

* Disclaimer - All eggs, chicks and adult fowl sold for legal purposes only . . .

Leiper hens

Leiper hens

Young Leiper pair

Leiper hen

Leiper hen

Young Leiper stag

Young Leiper stag

winter time at High Noon Game Farm

Winter view of some holding pens on High Noon Game Farm

Tip Toe thru the Tulips

Tip Toe thru the Tulips
Spring time comes to High Noon Game Farm
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